About us

​Linerless AB was founded 2001 with focus on development and production of Linerless material

Today we offer a full range of Linerless media products and we can recommend several manufactures of Linerless equipment. We have long experience from both conventional and Linerless label applications and do understand our partners need for solutions. The company is located in the south of Sweden and we are offering our products worldwide through partners. If you are searching for a reseller close to you or want to become a partner, please contact us.


Many companies has a clear emission target set on yearly basis. This normally means a clear focus to reduce resources that also has a negative CO2 impact. It has shown that this work not only reduces CO2 and resource usage, but also cut costs as well!

Linerless reduces the CO2 impact with approx. 50%, cutting both direct and indirect costs and offers enhanced functions into your solution.

​Going for Linerless is an easy way of reducing, that’s why we say – Less is more!

Route to market:

Indirect via resellers, partners - WW (system integrators, printing houses, equipment manufactures).

Main target applications:

  • Retail (scale & packaging) – price labelling etc.
  • Portable printer applications
  • Logistics, P&A
  • Service applications (PSA receipts etc)

Development – production & sales of Linerless Media Solutions

  • R&D laboratory & quality check
  • Adhesive production & mixing
  • Adhesive & Silicon (release) Coating
  • Slitting / finishing
  • Packaging
  • Storing​​

Pål Anders Väg 6, SE-263 34 Höganäs, Suécia | Telefon: +4​6 (0)703 381 606 Mail: info@linerless.se

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